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Distribution of Assets

There are several reasons why you should have a will. One of the many benefits of a will is that it allows you to ensure that your assets will go to the beneficiaries of your choice, rather than letting a judge decide how your property should be distributed.

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Beneficiary Protection

If estate taxes and privacy are a concern, then you may need a trust. Trusts generally provide a greater level of protection for your assets in case of dispute.

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Supplemental Planning Documents

Power of Attorney, Medical Directives, and More

The Glasscock Law Firm provides supplemental services to protect your interests including; Durable Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney, Medical Directives, Declaration of Guardian, HIPAA Authorization, and DocuBank Emergency ID.

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Docubank ICE for College Protection Planning

In Case of Emergency Document Access for College Students and Parents

Once your child legally becomes an adult, how will you continue to protect them?  If they become injured or sick, how do you plan on staying informed?  HIPPA laws prevent doctors and hospitals from releasing personal health information to anyone who is unauthorized to receive it.  Healthcare providers can instantly access your authorization with the Docubank ICE Card.  Contact us today for more information about HIPPA releases and Powers of Attorney.

Parents Helping Teenage Son Pack For College

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Meet Attorney Amy Glasscock

Houston Estate Planning Professional

Attorney Amy Glasscock is a trusted lawyer engaged in the general practice of estate planning including wills, trusts, and gun trusts. The Glasscock Law Firm is proud to provide ethical and accurate legal advice to all of our clients. Our goal is to ensure that client’s goals and wishes are fully incorporated into their planning process, and that every client fully understands how their estate plan provides protection and peace of mind into the future.

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